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Thanks for your interest in TradeTracker. The application is currently being converted from personal use to a commercially available product. Check back here for updates on availability and pricing.

If after reading about TradeTracker and feeling that you just can't live without it's functionality, email us and we'll see if we can get you going on the development system.

TradeTracker application highlights.

  • Manages FOREX major currency pairs transaction trading activity.
  • Created by a FOREX trader with over 30 years software business applications development experience.
  • All you need is an internet connection to use TradeTracker!
  • Browser based. No installation, maintenance, or backup hassles.
  • Input transactions individually or upload your broker csv file.
  • Transaction Log sorted by currency pair and date.
  • Search by: currency pair, begin/end dates, and comments.
  • Full create, read, update, and delete ability.
  • Produce performance metrics and down loadable reports.
  • Save hundreds of dollars annually on transaction tax reporting.

What does the application actually do?
The base fee gives you access to the application and the following features:
  • Entering or uploading data to the Transactions Log.
  • Technical support uploading and configuring transaction data files.
  • Full Transaction Log data management.
  • Search against the Transaction Log data.
  • Produce a down loadable CSV report of Transaction Log data.
  • Produce trading metrics reports.

That's a lot of functionality! It is full transaction management with metric reports that enable you to take any time period of a currency pair and see how your performance was.

As traders, we know that just having data is not enough! Here is a list of just some of the metrics TradeTracker calculates:

  • Number Transactions
  • Number Trades
  • Number Lots Traded
  • Average Number Lots Per Trade
  • Average Trade Duration
  • Number Gain Trades
  • Total Gains
  • Average Gains
  • Number Loss Trades
  • Total Losses
  • Average Losses
  • Total PL
  • Average PL Per Trade
  • ...and more!

You will have access to any new metrics added to the application from either other research that we do, or from suggestions our user community makes.

How do I get started?
Send us an email with your phone number and a few dates/times we could call you to discuss your needs, and help you determine if TradeTracker would be an appropriate vehicle for your FOREX major pairs transactions management.

This is not a sales call! We're too busy trading and enjoying life in the deckchair to chase folks around to buy something.

We don't want to deal with huge numbers of accounts, rather: only those serious traders who appreciate working with other traders to make their lives better.

We have a cool application that helps us. After chatting with us, you'll be better able to determine if TradeTracker is an application that will enhance your trading business.

Again, this is not a sales call. If all you want is some information and some time to think it all over, that's perfectly fine. In fact, we can even chat a few times if you'd like.

When you decide TradeTracker is for you, we'll get you registered for access to the application, and give you some general guidelines on how to get started using the application's functionality.

How much does it cost?
Your registration gives you access to the application. Our assumption, as traders ourselves, is that you will use it for years, not just a few months.

This is because you don't just trade for a few months and then take up basket weaving. For us, you're either a trader who does some basket weaving, or you're a basket weaver that trades. Or you're a trader who is an architect, or you're an architect that trades. Whatever....

Our application is geared for traders who may or may not have an occupation or other interests. And so, the pricing is simple: you pay a non-refundable base yearly fee of $260.00 USD.

For new members, you can cancel anytime in the first 3 months and only pay the equivalent of $1.00 USD per day calculated on a 5 day per week rate, i.e. you would be refunded any amount over that on your base fee. Because of this, we can not offer the use of any of the specialized reports (ex the Equivalent IRS Form 8949 report) during this time frame unless you waive the 3 month trial period.

Special Reports
Equivalent IRS Form 8949
The application currently provides the special report: Equivalent IRS Form 8949. This report is down loadable in a simple csv form, or as ready to attach to the trader's tax return.

Because not everyone needs this form, and, when they do, they'd only need it once a year, there is a per report charge of $100.00 USD, which includes both forms of the report.

Other than the huge convenience, and time and accounting cost savings, the reason for the report fee is because more often than not we're going to need to get involved in some way or another to help you.

When you want this report enabled, contact us and make payment. This will give you 30 days access to the report for as many times as you need to run it.

The reason we give you 30 days is because many times you'll find some anomalies in your transaction log register that you'll need to edit, or perhaps you forgot to upload your latest transaction data series, or other changes to your data that need to be made. We'll work with you on any questions or issues you have in organizing your data to produce the report.

Making payments —
All payments for services must be pre-paid by check or certified funds.

We do not take credit cards (or your Social Security Number) so you will never have to worry about financial security issues with us!

Contacting us...
Until we get a formal site set up on a server, please just contact us via email at: training-at-LongwoodCurrencyTrading-dot-com. We'd be happy to give you a call and chat about the application. And if you'd like, we'll put you on our email notification list.

Because this address is subject to change at anytime, please check this page whenever you need to contact us.

And note that we do not accept incoming telephone calls. We'll make outgoing calls in response to a request, but we're simply too busy trading and enjoying life in the deckchair to be distracted with telephone calls.

And don't try to snail-mail us, or drop by for a vist to see the shop. We have a habit of just grabbing the laptop and disappearing. Trading is wonderful because you can do it anywhere you have an internet connection. If you're interested in trading mentoring, visit our trading business Longwood Currency Trading.