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About Business Operations Solutions

Business Operations Solutions consists of a suite of web based business productivity solutions designed for the types of business issues the small independent proprietor operating under a simple DBA structure, Riverside Software Development whether the legal form of the business is DBA, Sub-S, or corporate. Also included under this topic is a group static information type business web sites that have been built showing other problem domain experience.

Each application is built upon a framework of common core screen, mid tier utilities, and tools, and backend database configuration structure. This enables updates to one application to be seamlessly integrated into other applications.

The establishment of each application within the Riverside Software Development DBA Business Operations Solutions module was the result of the founder's identification of niche markets that could use programmatic solutions not addressed by current OTS products.

No application was undertaken without the founder having direct access to Riverside Software Development a participant or business owner in that application's problem domain. Of course, because of this reliance, the founder ceased development when that resource became unavailable for the level of consultation he required.

These applications are thus under various stages of analysis, design, and development, though the underlying core framework code is complete and not only used within DBA Business Operations Solutions, but also within some of the applicable applications in Trader Tools.

The following are a few of these incomplete applications for reference as to additional problem domains we are familiar with as well as the completeness of the applications indicating closeness to at least a beta release.

Automotive care business management organizational and statistical reporting application. [80% crud operations and basic business reporting functionality. Riverside Software Development Screen shots in this panel are from the Shop application: Schedule Screen, Work Order Screen (top), Work Order Screen (bottom).]

Artist (photography, pottery, sculptor, etc.) product inventory, status, and statistical reporting application. [70% crud operations and basic business reporting functionality.]

Private book, CD, and DVD library Riverside Software Development catalog application. [30% crud operations and basic business reporting functionality.]

Simple crafts (clothing, pottery, accessory, etc.) ecommerce store front. [25% analysis, design, draft presentation screens, and navigation. This was done for a private client who thought they would have a business that would support a commercial level site. I thus had to write detailed analysis and design specs and create a base working model. Peter Rose Client froze at the cost and complexity and decided to continue to produce one-off handbags, scarves, and accessories without a site at all.]

Writer's Bull Pen
Provides an interactive web site for writers to post parts of their works for critique by other members, to gather a following of interested readers, to obtain comment and guidelines by company staff as to how to improve their writing, and to provide a place where registered agents and publishers can come to evaluate new author works for possible representation. [Only a basic project plan and framework design specs were created before I decided to write my own book instead of a web site for others.]

Browser based information management tool used by individuals for the management, organization, and administration of medical events in their lives. It includes managing follow up visit tracking, invoices, payments, calls, and documents among themselves, medical providers, and insurance carriers. [20% crud operations and basic business reporting functionality.]

Web site containing paid ad listings from companies who might normally have to use spam to reach target customers. The site acts as a giant classified ad space on the web for businesses in such categories as mortgage, investment information, insurance, education, health foods, etc. [24 page project plan, several key screens, base controllers, and some mid tier objects built but relatively incomplete.]

Other static information only type sites
I have done numerous other non-interactive static display web sites that are currently or have been live for: music groups, karate studios, photographer's web site, associations, USN Sea Cadets, personal mentoring business, Arizona OnStage Productions, real estate broker, my proprietary currency trading firm, life coach, an author's site, and a landscape business to mention a few that have working directories with code.